Three Ways to Protect IP Security Cameras from Hackers

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Internet Protocol (IP) surveillance cameras are the ultimate security apparatus that homeowners can rely on to watch their property, whether at home, away at work, or on vacation. Over the years, the technology surrounding IP security cameras has significantly evolved as users demand more from the devices. However, as the benefits and capabilities of IP security cameras continue to improve, the risks increase. There have been stories of residential security cameras being hacked in recent years, which has put most homeowners on alert.

Hackers are getting better each day but you can remain vigilant to avoid compromising your safety and privacy. This article delves into ways you can protect IP security cameras from hackers.

Be Password Savvy

Being password savvy is one of the easiest and perhaps the safest ways of protecting IP security cameras from hackers. You would be surprised at the number of people who use simple passwords for their security systems because the codes are easy to memorise. If your password is simple, hackers will not have a problem breaching your security system. Additionally, you should avoid sharing the password with other devices. For instance, do not use the same password for your laptop, security cameras, Wi-Fi, and keyless door lock. Doing so only makes it easy for hackers to gain access to your security camera system. Additionally, change your password regularly.

Stay Informed About Updates

IP security camera developers understand that hackers are always trying to learn how their systems work. Therefore, they must constantly analyse their products and look for vulnerabilities before hackers do. It is why security cameras receive patches for emerging vulnerabilities in the form of regular updates. Unfortunately, some homeowners do not stay on top of the updates until their security cameras are breached and their privacy compromised. In this regard, constantly perform update checks on IP security cameras to receive new security updates. It makes it harder for hackers to breach your security system.

Use Cloud Access

Cloud access has become a popular option for homeowners who want a highly secure IP security camera system. Fundamentally, cloud access allows you to host the control and footage of a security system in a vendor's cloud services. Notably, it eliminates the need to host devices and footage in a less secure network. While some well-equipped hackers can still find a way to hack your IP cameras, they cannot do any damages because their presence is immediately detected by cloud infrastructure.

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