Reasons to Integrate a Video Intercom Into Your Home Security System

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Individuals that consider home security as a high priority will probably set up various systems. Some of the measures you may have already taken could include security window screens, security doors and even alarms. However, as technology keeps changing, there are now multiple other options that you could install in your home to bolster security. One such option is a video intercom system. New technology has allowed for the addition of several other features into these systems, including live video, hands-free capabilities and even wireless functionality. So other than taking out the guessing game of who could be ringing your doorbell, here are three other reasons why you should integrate a video intercom into your home security system.

Video intercom systems can be integrated with your current systems

If you are worried about buying a video intercom system and not having it function seamlessly with your pre-existing security system, then you can rest easy. Modern systems can easily be integrated with access control systems and other wireless security measures on the property so that they all work in tandem. Once you set up your video intercom system, you get the opportunity to view the images on your CCTV network too. This feature is particularly helpful for homeowners with kids, as you can strategically place a video intercom system overlooking where they play so that you can have an eye on them while you remain indoors.

Video intercom systems provide owners with remote viewing

To maximise on your video intercom, you should invest in the more sophisticated models that allow for remote viewing. This feature is essential if you spend a lot of the time out of the home, as it gives you the opportunity to keep an eye on your residence no matter where you are. The only pre-requisite is that you should have a smart device that you can connect to your video intercom, which is pretty much a staple gadget for most people in this digital age. Once connected, you can stream live video directly from your tablet, smartphone and even computer irrespective of your location!

Video intercom systems allow for in-house communication

While intercom systems are associated with the gate and the front door, this is not the only functionality you can expect. If you have a sprawling home or you and your loved ones prefer spending time in separate rooms, you could install a video intercom system for in-house communications! Setting up your system in the various rooms around your home will also help you keep a keen eye on crucial areas such as the baby room if you have an infant or a toddler.