How to Improve Security After Multiple Break-Ins

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Having your house broken into once is bad enough, but multiple break-ins are extremely concerning. If your house has been burgled more than once, it's a clear sign that your security measures are not up to scratch. If you live in a high-crime area, your need for extra security is even higher, as the usual measures may not effectively dissuade criminals.

Keep reading for tips on how to improve your security and make your most recent break-in the last.

Put Burglar Bars on Windows 

If you live on the ground floor or have any windows which are accessible by climbing onto lower roofs or balconies, window bars are an essential measure. They're cheap and easy to install but will guarantee that burglars can't squeeze in through any windows which are left open or unlocked. They're also an effective visual deterrent which encourages thieves to focus their efforts on a different property.

Install Automatic Outdoor Lighting 

Installing bright outdoor lights which are triggered automatically is a simple but effective way to improve your security. The moment would-be criminals step onto your property, they'll be startled by a bright light. Most thieves will immediately be put off attempting to rob you while they're under a spotlight for the whole street to see. Be sure to install lights at the front, back, and sides of your property to avoid creating any weak points.

Set up Timer Lights

Are you often out of the house? Thieves are much more likely to target houses which appear to be unoccupied, so setting up timers for your lights and other electronics is a smart move. You could arrange for your lights to come on in the evening, set up TVs and radios to switch on at certain times, and even set electronic blinds to open and close.

Invest in CCTV Cameras and Alarms

If you really want to avoid further break-ins and robberies, CCTV alarms and cameras are the way to go. Making alarms and cameras clearly visible on the outside of your property will scare most criminals away without even needing to be triggered. However, if someone does attempt to break in, they'll be caught on camera and the emergency services will be called automatically. This gives you complete peace of mind, which is essential if you've suffered previous break-ins.

Had your house broken into multiple times? Use the security measures listed above to make sure it doesn't happen again.