What You Need to Know When Installing a Home Security System

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You can never be too safe these days when looking after your home, property and loved ones. It's a good idea for everybody to install a camera-based security system and to promote the fact that you're doing so on easily readable signs outside. What are some key tips to bear in mind as you're setting up your system?

Wireless and Wired

While wired cameras may make up a significant part of your system, try to make sure that you have a selection of wireless units available as well. Usually, these will come with some spare magnetic mounts, which means that you can position them at strategic places and change as needed. For example, you could sit one in your baby's nursery, and at another location next to the front door. You will be able to move the cameras according to what feedback you want, or where you will be.

Identified Locations

Make sure that you set up your software so that it can pinpoint the individual camera locations right away. In the unfortunate event of any incident, you need to know exactly where the camera is if it's not readily identifiable.

Don't Be Too Obvious

Try and position security cameras in places that are not immediately obvious. Adventurous thieves these days are on the lookout for any monitoring devices and will avoid the field of view if possible. Try mounting one to a tree, ensuring it has good line of sight, while enjoying some camouflage to a certain extent.

Detecting Motion

If you're looking for motion detection, give your cameras as wide a field of view as possible. Also, try to elevate them as high as you can. You need to be able to switch this functionality on and off fairly easily. You don't want to be constantly notified of movement when other people are at home and all is well.

Cloud Observations

Make sure that your camera system is connected through broadband to the cloud. This will enable you to view what's going on from wherever you are and it also means that your recorded evidence is not stored locally and vulnerable to removal by an intruder.

Monitoring Help

For ultimate peace of mind, sign up to a monitoring service and they can keep watch over the system and all outlets when you are otherwise engaged, or out of range.

While talking about experts, ensure that you get your system professionally installed so that there's no risk of failure at a critical moment. Get an electrician to help you set everything up and working properly.