Why You Should Opt for a CCTV Security System for Your Nursery

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Setting up the nursery in your home will likely mean you need to get a security camera system of some kind. This is usually a monitoring system that has a base unit in the nursery with at least one portable unit to have with you while the baby is sleeping. There are many on the market and many security system companies that offer them, but the one thing to keep in mind is why you should opt for the CCTV options that are available. Here is what you should know about the CCTV systems and your baby's safety.

Security From the Inside

One of the main reasons that parents choose CCTV over other security systems and monitoring cameras for their nursery is due to the security of the line. What this refers to is how the closed circuit is set-up. You place the main device in the nursery and you have the other device with you that is wired in some way or held in a wireless secured line.

This means that only you and the people who have access to that wireless secured line can access the monitor feed. Other monitors and security systems for nursery use or household use that are not labeled CCTV do not have this feature. For example, the news stories so many parents hear about that speak on a stranger accessing the baby monitor and seeing or speaking to the baby from outside the home are on non-CCTV lines. CCTV prevents this intrusion.

Recorded Events

In some cases, parents want not only the secure monitoring system, but also want to have a way to record feed from that system. This helps in cases where nannies or babysitters may be harming the child and evidence is required of that harm for a court case. With CCTV you have various options of how to record the feed and store that feed for later use. Some basic security systems, like pre-packaged options from home improvement stores, may not offer this ability and would only show you a live stream of the room without the benefit of recording options.

These are some of the main reasons that lead parents to buy a CCTV system. There are other reasons that may play into the choice as well. If you aren't sure what CCTV systems may be available for your needs, contact your local security systems technician for a demonstration and options.